Frequently Asked QuestionsEnergy storage

What size does my electricity storage system need?

The storage system is sized by our experts using AI. This includes determining the individual goals, the on-site power profile and the exact electricity demand at any given time. An optimally dimensioned storage system enables the supply from 100% renewable energy in the summer months. For more facts and details visit our website under Impact > Clean Energy.

How much CO2 can I save with an electricity storage system?

Our electricity storage systems make a big contribution to CO2 avoidance when they replace fossil fuels. You can save up to 98% if e.g. brown coal electricity is replaced by renewables in combination with a CERQ storage system. We know our own CO2 footprint very well and we also know how we can continue to optimize it. By continuously developing our recycling processes, we are improving the entire product life cycle. Today, the carbon footprint of our electricity storage system can already be offset in less than four months. For more facts and details visit our website under Impact > Clean Energy.

Can CERQ electricity storage systems burn or explode?

No. CERQ storage units do not pose an explosion or fire risk. The electrolytes consist largely of water and are not flammable.

What does metal-free or organic electrolyte mean?

The majority of redox flow storage systems on the market are based on vanadium redox flow technology. Vanadium is a heavy metal that has some disadvantages in terms of sustainability, origin and availability. CERQ has developed a redox flow technology that is completely free of metals or critical raw materials in the storage medium. Our electrolyte is based on organic salts, which can be produced in large quantities and at low cost in the region. This enables us to reduce dependence on international supply chains to a minimum. The word "organic" here describes the science of carbon molecules. Our storage molecules consist of the readily available elements carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, and nitrogen.

What are the applications for CERQ electricity storage?

A CERQ electricity storage unit is suitable for the stationary storage of large amounts of electricity in the industrial sector. Our main fields of application: 

  • Sector coupling: storing large amounts of solar and wind power and making it available at any time of day for e.g. base load, industrial processes and production of green hydrogen
  • System services: Stabilization of load curves at grid operators, industrial parks and large consumers
  • Strategic power reserve: increasing the resilience of critical infrastructure and industrial plants
  • Electricity price trading: shifting favorable producer prices to previously expensive time windows

Can I use CERQ storage for my private photovoltaic system?

No. Electricity storage systems from CERQ are designed for stationary storage of large amounts of electricity in the industrial sector. Currently we don't offer any products for private use.

What ist the lifetime of a CERQ electricity storage system?

Electricity storage systems based on redox flow technology consist of numerous components. All these components have a different lifetime. The great advantage of the system is that the components can be replaced during operation if necessary. The storage infrastructure can be operated for a very long time thanks to regular remote and on-site maintenance. On average, we plan for a service life of over 30 years.

Example: The liquid energy medium - our organic, metal-free Elekrtolyt - is very durable. If a cell stack breaks down, the electrolyte is unaffected. The broken part is simply repaired.